Purvis Eureka F4

Purvis Eureka. Made in Australia

I photographed this car a while ago for the National Gallery of Victoria (Shifting Gear exhibition – Design, Innovation and the Australian Car) but only now got the time to upload this photo set. Purvis Eureka is a very unusual and very rare car especially for nowadays. It was distributed in Australia by Allan Purvis and first got introduced at Melbourne International Motor Show in 1974. Eureka was a kit car based on British Nova kit with Volkswagen Beetle chassis.

This coupe body didn’t have any doors and in order to get inside the driver needs to lift the one-piece canopy. This model had a power-operated canopy which is a bit easier to lift with a key.

From my point of view, the exterior of this car really looks great for that age but from the inside it is a bit unfinished, may be because it’s a kit car. Hope you will enjoy the images below