Need a professional automotive photographer? Look no further, you are in the right place!

Request a photoshoot.

Please contact me and we will discuss your needs as price depends upon many factors of shooting and your expectations. Some standard packages I do:

Private Minimal  6 high quality retouched static pictures of the car at one location. Minimum photoshoot time is 2 hours on location. Digital delivery via the Internet.
Private Standard 12 high quality retouched pictures including interior shots and/or engine bay. 2-3 hours of time on location. Digital delivery via the Internet.
Private Extended 18-20 pics chosen by the client. Photographs are taken at 2 locations, interior shots and/or engine bay  with portrait of the car owner or the whole family or group of people by owner’s choice.
Private FLEXI  You pay for the booking fee and for the photoshoot on location. The amount of images are to be discussed. Digital delivery via the Internet.
Commercial Photography Commercial shoots, PR shoots, Magazine and Dealership photography. Price depends on requirements and is a subject to negotiation
Events  Motorsport Events, Car Shows, Test Drives and Reports. Hourly rate. Basic retouching and color correction is included if suits the time frame
Retouching Hourly rate. Depends on assignment.

What’s included in Private Packages

I usually take a variety of your car pictures, including:

  • Full body shots
  • Details of car body (sometimes in collage)
  • Under the hood photos (if desired)
  • Interior photos including interesting details
  • Panning and tracking shots (if desired)
  • Car and owner
  • Car and family photos
  • Car and model (fashion styled)
  • *All packages can be customized

Post-processing takes up to 3-4 weeks.

High quality images are delivered electronically through the Dropbox/WeTransfer web service or on a CD/DVD disk at full resolution JPG file format and resized-for-web (optimized) copies. If prints were ordered, then all delivered by regular Australia Post.

Things to do before the shoot

Please have your car washed and cleaned before the photoshoot, including the interior and the wheels.

Bring cleaning tools and a screwdriver if needed to remove the number plates if you would like your car photographed without them, or change them to your own plates on location (I can remove them in Photoshop during post production +$20 to the package price). Also, I have a few conditions that may apply in order to guarantee you a good outcome.


The best time for shooting a car is either during a sunrise or during a sunset as shadows are not so harsh and reflections are not so visible. But we can discuss any time preferred by you even during  midday or at night.


I can take photographs of your car anywhere in the Adelaide Metro area. If my trip to a location will require to drive more than 100 km then road costs are 1$ per extra km will apply. I can shoot at your location, but will I need to make the audit  before our photoshoot happens, otherwise I cannot guarantee the result. I would prefer to suggest a suitable location for your car and we will discuss all details.


Send me a message or call me using this Contact Form  with your details, contacts, your car make, model and color. Weekends are preferable as locations are not too busy, but we can discuss.


If you want to purchase photographs from past events, please contact me with short description which photograph(s) you are interested in including all direct links to the picture(s). I check my email several times a day and try to reply to all incoming messages. I will deliver your photo(s) by email or Dropbox.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I will retain the exclusive copyright to all of my photographs, but copyright of individual photos may be negotiated for sale. All photographs may not be changed, edited, reproduced, nor modified, in any form or fashion, or re-sold by the original purchaser, without my written permission.