Kenworth K200 Big Cab

Kenworth K200 Big Cab

While photographing Tony’s hot rod we met a guy on the location who was a truck driver. His truck was standing right on our next point of shooting. We kindly asked him to move his car a bit behind, and he did it with pleasure, and then even then was helping us during the photoshoot. At the end we have decided to take some pictures of his Kenworth later when he will be in Adelaide as it was just couple of days he will stay there. Knowing that, next day I called him back and asked about photographing his truck today.

K200 is the best-selling Kenworth Australia truck model. Ergonomically-designed cabin with modern interior and lots of innovations greatly improves driver comfort, safety and productivity. In addition now cabin could be wrapped-around with built-in black curtains if a driver needs privacy. It also includes a bunk bed, microwave oven, LCD TV and fridge.

Rod Izzard (owner): 

This is RBI Haulage’s first Kenworth. The K200 series 2, it took 10 years to make the move to the aerodyne but it took that long for them to get it right. We started with a Ford Aeromax, then went on to a 9200 International Eagle, then a 580 Scania. They were all good trucks for us but for my last truck I customised the K200 for the work with Border Express and for long distance haulage.

The K200 is set up with the 615 horsepower cummins engine, a heavy duty 2200 ultra shift transmission with the 46150 411 diffs. Justin Brooks from Twin City Trucks deserves a big thanks for all the time and effort he put into making my dream truck a reality.

Peter VanMaanen at Mobile Audio Solution did a great job customising the interior and setting up the electronics to make it a liveable space for the extended time I spend in the truck.

Thanks to Mark and the team at Custom Air for the reverse cycle air conditioning with the back up auto start to keep the batteries fully charged. It means that I know that even with the fridge and microwave the truck will always start.

Dave and the boys at Bar Up Bullbars custom made the five post bullbar that really set off the look of the rig. They weren’t convinced at first about it but everybody agreed that it works well!
Diangelo Turntables made the big plate slider turntable that works wonders and is well worth the effort.

Thank you to Andrey Moisseyev at Automotive Photography in South Australia, for the fantastic shots of the truck and for a great 50th birthday present.
My family have been supportive through all the kilometers and the time away and putting up with having a truckie for a husband and for a dad.