Ford Zephyr MKII 1959

Ford Zephyr Teaser

Last week I was shooting Ford Zephyr mkII which was built in 1959. The owner of the car have bought it already restored to a good condition and now just keep it to be nice and clean. This Ford has a white color body which is nice to shoot as white color reflects almost all of the light coming to it. I decided to choose industrial location as it perfectly suits the car. It is worth to mention that it was very hot outside and the temperature was about 45 degrees. After couple hours of shooting I decided to bring the car closer to the sea as there was a cool breeze coming from the water. But the most important thing to me was the fact that couple of pics were shown on the Flickr main page in Explore section and have brought to me about 220 favorites and more that 2000 views and these numbers are still growing. Later I will post this car to my portfolio when it will be totally finished.