Ford Zephyr MKII

Ford Zephyr MKII

Finally I finished photographs with white Ford Zephyr MKII which was born in 1959. For its 54 years car is looking very good. The Ford Zephyr was a car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company between 1951 and 1972 in the United Kingdom. The Ford Zephyr Mk II cars had bigger interior than the Mk I model. The body was all new and looked very transatlantic, similar in fact to many of the cars in the then current US Ford range.

In Australia, the Mark II Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac were built at Ford Australia’s factory in Geelong. Sedan, coupe utility, and station wagon versions were produced. The Australian developed Mark II Station Wagon differed from its English Estate Car counterpart in having a wind up rear window, and a straight, rather than curved C pillar. Mark II manufacture continued until 1962, in which year production reverted to assembly of Mark IIIs from imported Completely knocked down kits.

I purchased a Zephyr as my first car back when I was 18 years old in the year 2000. While my friends were into newer style cars I had always been a fan of the classics. I drove it around for a couple of years before taking it up to my mother’s where it sat for about 6 years while I moved onto some new cars. While I enjoyed the handling, power and performance of these cars it just wasn’t the same as the enjoyment you get from cruising a classic car and the respect that you must give it while driving.

By the time I had decided I would go back to the Zephyr, time had taken its toll and rust had set in, brakes had seized, fuel lines had perished and numerous other things that come with leaving a car like this for so long. Knowing the task at hand to get it back into an acceptable driving state I decided to start looking for another. These are not the sort of cars that appear for sale very often but after checking all the car sale sites every day for numerous years one finally appeared. It was in Queensland but before too long I had it on a truck on its way to its new home 2000kms away in Adelaide.

It had already been restored, it had new paint, a disc brake conversion (the original only had drums), and the old 156 cubic inch 6 cylinder had made way for an alloy head 250 cubic inch 6 cylinder. While it is far from a powerhouse it is more than enough power to make regular driving fun. The interior had been re-trimmed and also the addition of the baby seat harness was good, it meant the family was ready to cruise straight away! The wheels that were on it made way for the old school black steel rims and whitewalls. I thought the contrasting black with white paint would look good and it came out quite well.

For now it is an extremely reliable cruiser that I can just start at any time and drive without any problems so for now I am enjoying it as it is but future plans will include a new engine, larger brakes and gas struts, lower ride height and a sound system upgrade.

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