Chrysler Valiant Regal Hardtop

Chrysler Valiant Regal Hardtop

Chrysler Valiant Regal was sold by Chrysler Australia between 1962 and 1981. This acid green one was restored in South Australia by its owner and I had a pleasure to work with this great car. We agreed with Ben (owner) to shoot this car a while a go but due to some unpredictable conditions we had to postpone the photoshoot. I had to wait more than a year for the 2nd chance and finally it happened. This is how Ben describes his story about his car.

Being surrounded by Mopars in the family it was natural to want a Charger as a 16 year old teenager when this VH Hardtop came up for sale in the Riverland town of Renmark in South Australia. After this the journey began to build a Hardtop. I found a few articles in Street Machine of Rob Evans red VJ Hardtop that really influenced how tough the body lines were when built with attitude.

First and foremost was the healthy 265 had to go as the sound was horrible and not what I wanted for a 90s street cruiser. A VJ 318 sedan was purchased and all the running gear was used for the Hardtop. The sedan also had a nice fish scale dash and 3-spokes steering wheel also went in to the Hardtop. With help from my dad we painted it in Racing Green, built a mild 318 and was cruising around by the age of 18.

Later then I moved to Darwin where I had scored a mechanical apprenticeship and had the Hardtop trucked up north to cruise there. I also did a couple of street meets at Hidden Valley running high 14s and later moved back to SA where I run some more 14s at A.I.R. and did the daily grind until 2001. Then a decision was made to fix and repair the Hardtop which involved full metal respray and rebuilding and replacing components with a degree of detail in 2007.

Its been a slow evolution of parts and knowledge which is still happening with new ideas all the time. Built to cruise and enjoy it I could sit in traffic all day without overheating or perform interstate trips hassle free. Current combo is a basic 318 with 528 lift Solid purple shaft cam, Edelbrock heads, Strip Dominator intake, 750 annular carb. Trans is a full manual 904 with 4000 stall with 3.23 lsd rear end. Simple and enjoyable. It’s a Mopar or no car!!!

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