All Japan Day 2013 photos

All Japan Day 2013. Photos

Today at Wigley Reserve (Glenelg, Adelaide) we were watching many Japanese cars from all South Australia. Moreover, following some number plates, there were some cars from other states like NSW, VIC and ACT. Following the description from the official website, All Japan Day was born from a crisis in the community of Japanese car enthusiasts some years ago. Local Japanese motor shows were loosing its focus, which must be an opportunity to “admire and and talk about the sensational vehicles on display with out being distracted by gimmicks or high prices”. Organizers of this event tried their best to put it to right direction. Nowadays AJD gather together more than 300 cars each show. And despite of hot weather today there were many entrants and visitors. Full photo gallery from All Japan Day Adelaide 2013 is below.

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