1989 Nissan RPS13 180SX

Had a pleasure to shoot that tyre shredding machine for the-lowdown.com blog. The main difficulty during this photoshoot was the fact that the car couldn’t move by itself and we were just pushing it around AM Performance garage where it was serviced during this day. Because the car and background were almost grey I was thinking that it will be lost in front of the fence and that’s why I decided to add some toning to the pictures. Hope you will like it.


– 1989 Nissan RPS13 180SX

– 2.0L CA18DET four-cylinder turbo

– Block bored to 1995cc
– Carrillo rods
– CP Pistons and rings
– Tomei 282 camshafts
– 2mm oversized valves
– Tomei valve springs
– Head ported, polished and de-burred
– Rocker covers modified
– Oversized sump
– 3x Bosch 044 fuel pumps
– 8x HKS 770cc injectors
– Custom intake manifold
– T67 turbocharger
– Trust intercooler
– Koyo radiator
– Earls oil and power steering coolers
– Titanium exhaust and piping
– LS3 ignition coils
– Haltech ECU

– HKS five-speed gearbox
– Ogura Race clutch
– R33 GT-R differential
– 4.3 final drive
– R33 GT-R axles
– S15 rear cradle

– Ohlins coilovers
– Cusco swaybars
– AM Performance braces
– Solid rear cradle bushes

– R33 GT-R Brembos
– Project Mu pads
– Project Mu front rotors

– SSR Type F, F: 18×9.5″, R: 18×10.5″

– Velo driver’s seat
– Flocked dashboard
– Bengineering shifter
– Haltech Racepak display
– Alex Bennet cromoly rollcage
– Nardi Classic steering wheel

– Silvia front end
– Origin Streamline bodykit
– Carbon fibre doors, bonnet and hatch

Owner: Ben Hosking