1977 Mazda 121 RX5 Photoshoot

Mazda 121/rx5 was created for the American market by the team of Italian designers hired by the Mazda Motor Company in 70s. The design concept of this car was as a small scale of American classic muscle car coupe. It was a showcase off all Mazdas technologies of that era, such as power steering, air conditioning, all 4 disc brakes and many other interesting technological decisions such as radio antenna built into the front door window.

Alexander (previous owner) was looking for this car for 2 years trying to find a good working and preferably not rusted out example. “One day I found this Mazda 121 for sale in Loxton through advertising. So, next day the car has been bought. Overall, the condition was OK for its age, though the paint was flaking off, graffitied and scratched, but the car was able to drive and was with minimal signs of rust.

Over the next 2 years, the car was slowly sanded panel by panel up to bare metal (some places had 3 layers of previous paint), straighten out and primed, then the whole car was painted with proper spray in its original blue metallic color with only 1 modification made to the metallic component. We also used the current, one more coursed type of metallic paint. The suspension was overhauled with all new components and lowered springs. Then, I swapped the engine for same 2lt. motor which has done only 25000km. Also, started the conversion of the auto gearbox to the manual one.

Despite all the above, I was using it as an everyday car.

After all, due to family issues I had to sell this car and it drove away to Melbourne. New owner finished the auto to manual conversion and rebuilt the engine. Plus, he lowered it again and got the wheels from Japan. Due to the strange design it was nearly impossible to find the wheels for this car anywhere. Same goes for the parts. It wasn’t really popular car back in the days, so now it’s about 20 of them left in Australia”.

Watch the full gallery below